There have been some changes recently. Today a collective awareness emerges and Journée Paris wants to participate in the awakening of consciousness.

Here are some contextual elements that made us want to act:

  • 112.8 million tons of clothing is sent to landfills every year
  • Fashion industry creates 92 million tons of textile waste
  • « Fashion is responsible for 500,000 tons of microplastic pollution. » International Union for Conservation of Nature
  • « Fashion is responsible for the annual manufacture of 150 billion new clothing » Laboratory System Laboratory. MIT. Sustainable Apparel Materials
  • « 22 million tons of microfibers will be ejected into the ocean between 2015 and 2050 », Ellen MacArthur Foundation
  • « 1.2 billion tons per year is the total greenhouse gas emissions from textile production »
  • « The fashion industry is built on secrecy and elitism; it was opaque. Transparency is embarrassing - in this sense, it is a breath of fresh air and a useful weapon of change. » Orsola de Castro, co-founder and creative director, Fashion Revolution.

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The urgency to act on these facts led us to think and develop the concept of "circular fashion" and to give birth to Journée Paris.

Journée Paris offers a new opportunity to actively participate renewing the cycle of fashion collections by offering visibility to exceptional pieces.

We are convinced that there is already everything we need, so why not use it to our advantage and propose more sustainable solutions?

By providing access to high-end clothing from past collections, we can make a substantial contribution to reducing the waste and pollution associated with the fashion industry. By extending the average life of only 3 months of clothing, we would have a reduction of about 5% of the carbon footprint, water and waste.

Journée Paris associates itself with the best professional multi-brands in France and in the world and selects for you the most beautiful pieces. Those are styles from past collections which are still brand new, and more in trend then ever regarding the big influence of vintage design on the recent collections.

With this concept, we will offer everyone access to exceptional pieces like iconic and unique runway pieces without using any resources.

Join us and be part of a more conscious consumption #VintageFirstHand

Journée Paris